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Accent Services

For both individual and group pronunciation sessions offered country-wide in Switzerland, we will identify aspects of your pronunciation that differ from the American English dialect and address each sound directly focusing on accurate lip, tongue, and jaw placement.

You will be provided with exercises and practice assignments to complete at home in between sessions to ensure progress is made in a timely and efficient manner. Breathing and posture mechanics as well as clear and natural dictation are all possible areas of focus depending on the specific needs of each client. 

We offer our sessions online via Zoom or in person to allow for maximum flexibility with scheduling. Contact us now for free and no commitment to see how we can help you today.

1 on 1 accent modification in Zurich Switzerland
Ind or Group Sessons


Individual accent services sessions are suited for people who need flexibility with scheduling and/or prefer to work on specific projects/goals (ie. presentations, sermons, scripts, etc).


Group accent services sessions can include up to 5 participants and are ideal for a group of colleagues or friends. 

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