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Audience in Lecture
Speech Therapist led pronunciation training in Zurich Switzerland.

Clear and natural speech is key.
Customized accent services and adult speech and language therapy serving Zurich Switzerland and the surrounding areas

Pronouncing English as a Second Language Instructor


We offer customized individual and group dictation training of Standard American English. A certified and experienced Speech Language Pathologist leads each session and focuses on accurate, clear, and natural pronunciation of Standard American English. 

Adult speech and language therapy in person or online is also offered focusing on all areas of articulation and expressive and receptive language.

We offer our services online and in person for maximum flexibility. How can we help you today?


Our Accent Services

Pronouncing English as a Second Language course in Zurich Switzerland

The Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language program is a customized accent program based on a phonetic analysis of your speech sounds. Variations of your speech patterns are identified and targeted in each session to achieve clear and natural American English pronunciation.
All sessions are taught by Liz Vanderbrouk, MA, CCC-SLP who is an experienced Speech Language Pathologist and the only professional who has been trained and certified to conduct the Compton P-ESL program in Zurich Switzerland.
Keep reading about the different companies worldwide who have selected to utilize this specific accent program for their employees.

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